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The first gamified Web3 Podcast Community


Everything begins from

One day, otters in the Vienna Woods discovered their voices were missing. They gesture and even imitate the sounds of other animals, trying to convey good and bad news. You are the one to help them discover voice.

Own a Pack to
Start Journey.

The Pack is the key to land in the Vienna Woods.
It contains the necessary accessories for the incoming journey.

Six Packs
in different landmarks.

You can choose the place to land in six different landmarks. Helping otters in the landmark will obtain powerful utility.

Podment Temple
Green Bazaar
Echo Cliff
Mimir Swamp
Bush Village
Kabbalah Sacred Trees

What's Inside the Pack?

Otter NFT Image

Otter NFT with coolest picture  and stylish gears to bring the most attractive community avatar.

Otter NFT Model

3D model contains Skeleton and Skin.

You can import in any 3D Softwares or game engines.


You can use webcam motion capture to activate your Otter motion. You are becoming your own 3D identity.

Otter NFT  License

When you are a holder, you use it in anytime, anywhere.


Social media

Importable 3D model

Innovative Unpack Experience

⚖️Fair Pack Distribution



All metadata is hashed and stored on-chain to prevent manipulations.



A verifiable random function on-chain to prevent rarity prediction during Public Sales.



Unpacking is up to holders for flexible collecting strategies.

🗳Fate Vote for Holders

Pack Time Vote

 The distribution time is one of the random seed parameters to initialize a pseudorandom number. The number will affect the unpacking results. Seize your fate!

Four Drop Phases

  • Discord Invite Competition (End)
    Everyone can participate in and get the allowlist qualification for a Pack NFT.

  • Tongue Twister Challenge (End)
    Everyone can participate in and get POAP NFT. After solving the puzzle, you can get in the Pack NFT allowlist lottery.

  • Flow Twitter Space Celebration (End)
    Everyone can finish task and you can get in the Pack NFT allowlist lottery.

Cooperation Patners

Emerald City

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