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Terms of Service

Updated time:  2022-10-17 

If you start using the platform services ("Platform") provided by the Mindtrix operation team ("Team"), it means that you ("Member") have understood and agreed to the "Mindtrix Platform Terms of Service" ("Terms"). If the Terms are updated, they will be updated directly on the web page. Terms are mainly written in Chinese. If the language translation conflicts with the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

When you start to use the Platform or continue to use the Platform, it means that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept the Terms; if you cannot abide by or disagree with the content of the Terms, please stop using the Platform immediately. In order to ensure your rights and interests, it is recommended to check the official website frequently to confirm the latest content updates of the terms.

1.Principles for members to use services

  • When you purchase or create a digital creation (D-creation NFT) on the blockchain through the Platform, you obtain the right to use the encrypted digital assets represented by the digital creation. You can use it within the scope of the digital creation statement. The intellectual property of digital creation.

  • When you purchase digital creations on the Platform through various encrypted currency e-wallets ( "wallets") when you purchase through the Platform, you also agree to abide by the relevant regulations of the e-wallet.

  • Please make sure you have the legal capacity to contract according to your country's law. If not, your legal guardian must consent to read, understand, and agree to this clause's content and subsequent revisions to use the Platform. If you or your legal guardian do not agree with the Terms, please stop using the Platform. Using the Platform means that you and your legal guardian have read, understood, and agreed to accept the terms and all subsequent modifications or changes.

  • The information you provide through the Platform is correct, up-to-date, and complete, and you agree to maintain and update your personal information on the Platform at any time.

  • You understand and agree that if you violate any of the provisions of this clause, the team has the right to suspend or terminate your member account and use the Platform without notice.

2.Definition of Digital Creation(D-creation NFT) 

The Digital-creation NFT issued by this platform belongs to a digitally tokenized virtual digital product based on Flow in blockchain technology, is protected by the Flow team, and cannot be tampered with. The NFT issued by this platform does not belong to any common currency, nor does it represent the equity or shares of the team, the platform, or any other entity; at the same time, the team does not participate in or provide exchange services between NFT and any legal currency.

3.Intellectual Property and Use Permissions of NFT

  • Intellectual Property of NFT
    Unless specified, the creator owns the intellectual property rights for the NFT content issued by the service. The intellectual property rights include, but are not limited to, trademark rights, patent rights, business secrets, and proprietary technologies. ​

  • Use Permissions of NFT
    Collectors only have ownership of digital files, and the use of the NFT should be limited and refer to the scope of its creator's copyright licenses. If the creator does not provide copyright licenses, the copyright of NFT content(e.g., Audio Essence, Image Essence) belongs to its creator by default.

Moreover, the collectors who bought an NFT can only be allowed the use it for personal, non-commercial purposes. Collectors must observe all relevant provisions of copyright law.

To protect intellectual property rights, please contact us with proof of infringement if your copyright of the works is infringed on the Mindtrix platform. We will take off the creation after confirming the request.

4.Intellectual property protection of the platform

The intellectual property rights of the software, interface, program architecture, and art design used on the platform are legally owned by the team or other obligees. The aforementioned intellectual property rights include but are not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary technologies. , public release, restoration engineering, decompilation, or reverse assembly. You have to respect intellectual property rights. If there is any violation, you shall be liable for all damages caused by the team.

5.Service fee

When you buy digital creations on the platform, you may be charged a fee, such as a Gas Fee or platform service fee.

6.Third Party/Website Links

Platform services or the Discord established by our team may provide links to other programs or network resources. You may thus link to programs or websites operated by other operators. The platform has no relationship with such operators. The relevant obligees still own this website's trademark rights and other rights. The platform has not obtained or authorized you to use such rights. The programs or websites operated by other operators are the responsibility of the operators themselves, not the scope of the platform.

7. Download software or data

Before using this service or linking to other programs through this platform to download software or materials, you should carefully consider and screen the relevant software or materials as to the legality, correctness, completeness, validity, and whether the software or materials are The company does not assume any guarantee responsibility for infringing on the rights and interests of others. The company is not responsible for any compensation for any damages suffered by you or a third party.

8. Disclaimer

By using the service, you agree that you will not violate any law, contract, intellectual property, or other third-party rights and that you are solely responsible for your conduct and content. It includes but is not limited to:

  • You are solely responsible for the correctness and reliability of the information you issued through the service;

  • You must not pose as another person or entity, or use a wallet to engage in a transaction on Mindtrix that is owned or controlled, in whole or in part, by any other person.


The service may be interrupted or malfunctioned, or it may cause inconvenience, data loss, error, tampering, or other economic loss. You should take protective measures by yourself when using this service. We shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use this service, except for intentional or gross negligence.


Given the traits of blockchain transmission, Mindtrix cannot guarantee the immediacy of all issuance prices through the platform.

Information you obtained from or through this platform, whether presented in writing or orally, does not constitute a warranty by the Mindtrix team. You are solely responsible for any damages and losses arising from your breach of these Terms, and Mindtrix shall not be liable for any damages or losses.

NFT transactions have certain risks

  • Please understand that the value of NFT may fluctuate greatly, and the value may become 0 or be burned.

  • Therefore, the risk of holding NFT may be higher than the risk of holding other assets or fiat currencies, and you should bear the risk yourself.

  • The blockchain stored and used by NFT may be upgraded or changed, or its underlying protocol may fail or stop, or be otherwise changed, or the method of confirming transactions on the blockchain may change.

  • Blockchain or any other related to NFT Third-party products/services is at your own risk.

9.Effectiveness of terms

  • If any of these terms is invalid, it will not affect the validity of other terms.

  • The effectiveness, dispute resolution, and related interpretation of this clause shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China and interpreted in accordance with this law, and both parties agree that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance jurisdiction. If the relevant laws of your location conflict with the provisions of the above decree 3, these provisions shall not be effective here.

  • The team may modify or supplement this agreement by means of the announcement; the revised or supplemented terms shall still constitute a part of these terms and shall have full and relevant effect with these terms.

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