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Stroll in the Mindtrix forest


The forest is the paradise that every explorer aspires, full of treasures and futures.Every explorer is special, and likes different things, but you can always find what they want here, whether it is various types of treasures or meet minded friends, and the forest is not only for digging treasures and trades, explorers can also build it and establish new activities.


​As long as you jump into here, you are a part of us. Expecting you to understand that every activity or work is the result of the efforts of the public and the creators. I hope that everyone who comes in will love to create and share. 



We are welcome to everybody here


Support your favorite podcasters, and collect their creations. Share your collections and collaborate with the community to build a better creative ecosystem.


Podcasters can issue podcast NFTs for fans to collect.
In the long term, the NFT technique can protect your Intellectual Property and build a stable income. To join Mindtrix, you have to make an apply or be nominated by the community.

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