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What is Mindtrix?

We are the first podcast web3.0 community.
Knits Collectors and Creators. Let Podcasters publish digital creations, fans collect.
Build the long-term value of NFTs and simplifies the way to support creations. Let's flourish in the creative forests.

How to claim Digital creations?

It's simple you can watch our Video tutorial.

Where can I see my collection ?

You can know see in Mindtrix marketplace.

View Tutorial.

How to register Wallet?

We recondIt's simple. Tutorial here.

1.Click connect wallet button.

2.Enter your email address.

3.Enter verification code.

How to buy FLOW tokens to collect Digital crations?

You can buy FLOW tokens via Blocto wallet.

View tutorial.

I don't see my purchased Digital creations on my collection page.

On the blockchain, digital creations (NFTs) live in perpetuity. Mindtrix cannot take or delete anything from your wallet. You are the person who owns any NFT you purchase.


Please refresh the page several times, or the digital creation has been reported for plagiarism.

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